Kids’ theatre workshops – an inspirational activity

Theatre plays offer multi-faceted activities for all and for any occasion! The Rabbit wishes you a joyful holiday season, plenty of family time and perhaps you might even want to take part in your kids’ theatre play at home, why not!

Easter crafts – easy and fun

Crafts with kids is most successful, for all involved, if preparation and actual crafting is easy. Key is the kids’ imagination and creativity! Enjoy!

Walking and Talking

The concept is currently experiencing a revival and rightly so. Management journals have been talking about it for decades, but it does wonders for you and your family too.

…and action!!!!

It does not need to be a Hollywood production to be successful! Kids’ imagination and creativity is a powerful driver and given their determination it will be an exciting movie!

Christmas arts and crafts special! Enjoy!

Embrace the season to spend some time with your kids crafting some fun ideas! Remember, the journey is the goal. Crafting allows time to talk. Or just listening to audio storybooks or music.

I won! Sorry!

Ever been in the situation where you are playing a really fun and exciting game with your kids, all is super, all are involved and laughing?! Then the inevitable happens, someone wins, and well, someone else loses!

Keeping in touch with video calls – fun if set up right!

Keeping in touch with one’s friends is crucial, for young and old. Video calling is an amazing tool to do just that, and a good and safe set up is easily done.

What to serve at kids’ parties? The golden middle …

Kids are easy to please, as in they are much less fussy than one might believe. Focus on the essentials, good quality ingredients and keep the options manageable for your young guests.

Sorting, donating, recycling and up-cycling …

Admittedly many of us live in excess, hence there should be regular clear out sessions! Why not introduce your kids to this somewhat liberating and definitely stimulating exercise!

Brain teasers, quizzes, rhymes, jokes…. kids just cannot get enough!

Why not dive into the world of books and see what other activities can be combined?