Arts & Crafts – a balancing act!

Arts & Crafts really offers an entire universe of options. And perhaps because of that, it can be somewhat daunting!

Games – ready, steady, go!

Games – ready, steady, go! There is no need to rack your brain as to which game is most suitable for your kids. Think about what you played back when you were little or ask your siblings or parents.

Cooking with kids – fun and just a little messy!

Cooking with kids – fun and only a little messy! The kitchen is my castle, and I am not easily prepared to give it up! So handing it over to kids requires certain preparation and basic rules for all.

The Rabbit’s 1st edition of Kids at home! What to do?

The thought of being stuck at home for several weeks with your kids can be somewhat daunting. But don’t despair!

It’s your party

Remember it’s your child’s party! Make the most of it while you can – before you know it, your child will no longer want you involved! So make sure planning their party is a memory to treasure and not a chore to endure!

The numbers game

We have all been there! Ask your child who should be invited to the party and the list becomes seemingly endless and your initial parental enthusiasm vanishes quickly!

Location! Location! Location!

Before you enter the game of higher, better, faster – which will determine the location you need for your party – do reflect on what your child enjoys most!