It is your party!

Remember it’s your child’s party! Make the most of it while you can – before you know it, your child will no longer want you involved! So make sure planning their party is a memory to treasure and not a chore to endure!

Kick off with a family brainstorming.  Organising a fun party requires honest answers to the right questions! Make sure everyone involved has their say, but keep it fun – it’s a party after all. Don’t leave your brainstorming until the last minute – the earlier you plan, the more options you have open to you. Also don’t forget to agree your budget before getting too carried away. Imagine, having to settle for second-rate entertainment or a less than perfect location which on top of things exceeds your budget!

Alignment of expectations is also a key to a fun party. It can be said that aligning your child’s and your expectations avoids any potentially awkward situation before, during or after the party! The same is true for aligning with your partner! You really don’t want to be bickering with your other half in the middle of the party! For example, that your living room will never look the same again after the party, pointing fingers at the culprit who pushed for hosting the party at home in the first place!

It is all about priorities! The more children’s parties you host and attend, the clearer your priorities become. The Rabbit’s experience is that the most difficult task for parents is to strike the right balance between ‘the coolest idea ever’ and ‘your family’s comfort zone’ – as in activity, location and costs!

Let’s then address the budget question. It is not difficult to spend lots of money on a children’s party, as there is plenty on offer and children’s wish lists seems endless if you ask them what they want. Don’t be afraid of setting yourself a budget and communicating that there are limits to your child! But remember, a budget needs also to be followed to make sure there are no unpleasant surprises if it all becomes more expensive than anticipated.

It is your child’s party! Again, from The Rabbit’s experience it can’t be said often enough! It does not reflect badly on you as a parent if you repeat the same party concept, regardless of whether you follow the latest trend or not. It is your child’s party, it is your family’s desires and your budget that should define the party.

To get you started, The Rabbit has some questions for you to think about. First and foremost: How much do I want to spend? Would my child prefer a party at home, or at a special location? Would they prefer a small gathering or a big group of friends? What sort of refreshments do I want to provide? Will there be a theme, or just simple birthday decorations?  And then, of course, for some parents one of the most tricky questions:  should I invite the parents to stay, or will the children be dropped off and picked up? Possibly with a small aperitif for the parents?

Discuss and agree with and you’re well on the way to organising the perfect party for your family. And don’t forget, if it all feels just too daunting, The Rabbit is here to assist!

Yours truly, The Rabbit

The Rabbit focuses on providing premium and tailor-made party concepts and organization, striving to provide thoughtful and memorable moments defined by individual needs, traditions and new trends, ensuring that you as parents have ample time to celebrate with your child. Please contact The Rabbit,, for further information. Thank you!