Location! Location! Location!

Before you enter the game of higher, better, faster to find the perfect location don’t forget to understand what your child really enjoys – not necessarily wants but enjoys! This can be, to many parents’ surprise, the most traditional or simple activity. The Rabbit remembers fondly spending children’s parties in Central Park, NYC, playing simple traditional games!

Plenty to choose from. Vienna has caught up tremendously in children’s party offerings and locations in the past years and as you read this article it is very likely that at least one more location is going online! And yes, it can be daunting to choose from all these options! And let’s not forget sometimes there is also some pressure to outperform in location and activity! So it does help to brainstorm with a professional! The Rabbit takes great joy in offering individualised location and activity options to cater for the needs of your child and your family!

Also don’ t be shy to define your limits ! There is no need to organise an arts & crafts workshop at home, if you have really never been fond of handling glue and paper! Or if you child is really into football and you are starting to doubt whether you are the best person to supervise playing with 11 children at your local park! There are plenty of professionals that can help!

So basically the location choice is a simple one, really ! You just need to address three questions: what is my child’s favourite activity, what would be the best location for it and does it fit into my budget? Planning ahead to get your date of preference goes without saying – particularly for locations which offer indoors and outdoors activities!

Yours truly, The Rabbit

The Rabbit focuses on providing premium and tailor-made party concepts and organization, striving to provide thoughtful and memorable moments defined by individual needs, traditions and new trends, ensuring that you as parents have ample time to celebrate with your child. Please contact The Rabbit, therabbit@childrensparties.at, for further information. Thank you!